I’ve never heard K-pop band BTS, but I’m desperate for their Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

BTS are one of the biggest bands in the world right now, but until Samsung officially announced that it was releasing a special Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, I’ve never really cared about the global K-pop sensation. Now, though, I’m suddenly a massive fan – well, of the BTS Edition phone at least… 

In fairness, I’ve always been a sucker for special editions. I’m one of the five foolish people who bought the absolutely hideous gold Dolce & Gabbana Motorola Razr when it came out, which was endorsed by old golden balls himself, David Beckham. 

I also remember buying the blood-red Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360, and subsequently traded it in for a less obnoxious version later down the line as it wasn’t as appealing in person (go figure).

This special edition, though, promises to be different. Not only does Samsung’s collaboration with BTS make perfect sense – these guys are an absolute phenomenon – but the Purple Haze finish is undeniably gorgeous. Just look at it!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


Sure, the phone comes with a load of BTS-themed extras that are utterly superfluous to a non-fan like me – I can’t envision myself putting a poster of BTS up on my wall anytime soon. 

But I can overlook all of that for the head-turning beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition. From the cute little heart in the camera array, and tasteful logo design that doesn’t scream “I love BTS” to every passerby, this is a phone I could proudly use in public.

Samsung is also giving its Galaxy Buds Plus the BTS treatment, and again, the end result transforms a drab product into something that suddenly feels like a must-have purchase. With a slightly deeper shade of purple that’s more akin to the Nintendo GameCube (high praise indeed), I’d proudly shove these wireless buds in my ears.

Region locked

The only problem is, though, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G BTS Edition is only available via Samsung’s US website

That’s a blow for the European branch of the BTS army, then, which I’m clearly now conscripted to. We’ve asked Samsung to confirm if the phone is coming to the UK and other markets, and we’ll update when we hear more.

If you’re in the US and love the BTS Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, the phone is available to reserve now and will be available from June 19. You can also grab the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus as well and get a free charging plate if you pre-order.

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