ACCC appeal about TPG prepayments dismissed at Federal Court

TPG ekes out another win against the Australian consumer watchdog. Read More

US provides new expanded set of espionage charges against former Twitter employees

The charges have expanded from two to seven. Read More

US requests to drop spy allegations against former Twitter employees

It has the option to refile new charges, however. Read More

VCAT moves dispute resolution online with Immediation

To help progress cases during the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

Slack files competition complaint against Microsoft in the EU

After claiming Microsoft wasn’t a competitor, Slack is now filing a competition complaint against Microsoft in the EU, claiming it is illegally tying Teams to Office 365. Read More

Auditor warned Wirecard KPMG report needed ‘context’ ahead of accounts scandal

EY flagged a failure to verify the sources of half the firm’s revenue. Read More

Test and Trace program skipped GDPR privacy assessment

England’s Test and Trace program launched nationally at the end of May, and there is still no sign of the data privacy assessment required by GDPR. Read More

Uber drivers demand to see algorithms, data that determines their working lives

The court case claims increased data transparency is necessary to prevent discriminative practices. Read More

Instacart takes Uber’s Cornershop to court over alleged catalog, IP theft

Instacart claims thousands of images have been stolen and cease-and-desist demands have been ignored. Read More

Robo-debt class action on track for September 21

Friday’s interlocutory hearing will continue next week, where Justice Lee’s team will wade through ‘two lever arch folders’-worth of legal and professional privilege claims made by the Commonwealth. Read More