Where to buy a printer: these retailers still have stock

If you’re anything like us, you rarely need to think about where to buy a printer because your office has one. However, now that so many people are working remotely, potentially without the critical IT infrastructure they’re used to, you might be on the market for a printer of your…

The pot scraper: A $5 kitchen tool you will never regret – CNET

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Samsung is adding some core Galaxy S20 features to the Galaxy S10, Note 10 with global update

It turns out, you don’t have to spend over $1,000 to get some of the S20’s best features. Read More

No brain, no gain: Laptop docks for smartphones fall short

Powered by a smartphone’s processor, storage, and connectivity, laptop docks should be a showcase for desktop environments such as Samsung’s DeX. But the small teams creating them haven’t supported a quality experience. Read More

Making 3D cameras easier to use

Mechanical engineers are working to compress 3D camera files and automate focus and exposure settings. Read More

Computational human cell reveals new insight on genetic information processing

Researchers have developed the first computational model of a human cell and simulated its behavior for 15 minutes — the longest time achieved for a biological system of this complexity. In a new study, simulations reveal the effects of spatial organization within cells on some of the genetic processes that…

LG BX vs LG B9 OLED: is the new B Series OLED worth the upgrade?

If you’re choosing between the LG BX OLED or LG B9 OLED, which is the right pick for you? There’s huge demand for affordable OLED TVs these days and, while you can’t exactly get one cheaply yet, LG’s B Series OLEDs are still the cheapest organic LED TVs that the…

“Corona antivirus” infects victims with malware

Cybercriminals continue to leverage the ongoing coronavirus outbreak for their own gain by launching numerous scam campaigns which use Covid-19 as a lure to trick users into installing a variety of malware and data stealers. In the latest scam, discovered by Malwarebytes, cybercriminals have set up a website advertising “Corona…

SUSE offers free enterprise Linux support to medical devices manufacturers

If you’re building a medical device to fight coronavirus, Linux power SUSE wants you to know it has your back. Read More

Disney Plus UK: how to sign up, movies, app links, Sky Q and more explained

Disney Plus has finally released in the UK, and for £5.99 per month, you can get streaming on the device of your choice. With Disney Plus, you can watch all the Star Wars, Disney, Marvel and The Simpsons you can handle. Think of it as being like Netflix, but focused…