Batteries not included: USB Power Delivery is the fastest way to charge iPhone and Android devices

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Apple Watch, Fitbit data can spot if you are sick days before symptoms show up

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Apple says ‘bye-bye’ to Intel, and more news from Gary Explains

Your bi-monthly dose of tech industry and developer news, brought to you by the Gary Explains Newsletter Apple abandons Intel (and maybe AMD Radeon): Apple announced its long-rumored move to its own silicon (using the Arm Instruction Set) and has abandoned Intel and x86. Since its processors have built-in GPUs,…

AnyBackup: 50% off instant physical storage and fast charging

When you’re looking for a new backup solution, you have to find a combination of speed and value. The new AnyBackup from HiQ checks both boxes with a special 50% off deal, available right now.  AnyBackup is fully automated so you won’t have to open an app; just plug AnyBackup…

OnePlus Nord: Everything we know so far (Update: July 1)

91mobiles/Onleaks Update, July 1, 2020 (12:04 PM ET): We learned a lot about the first OnePlus Nord phone this week, including how much it won’t cost as well as what CPU will be under its hood. Read on for all the latest! Original article: The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro…

The Dish deal for Boost Mobile is done, Boost’s plans are now changing

The Dish deal for Boost Mobile is officially done, marking the entry of Dish into the heavily competitive wireless market. To celebrate, Dish announced today that it will be altering Boost’s plans to make them more enticing to customers. The biggest news is that Boost will soon have a $hrink-It…

Welp, Samsung just leaked the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a Mystic Bronze color

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra just appeared on the Russian version of Samsung’s own website. The pictures were quickly removed, but not before Max Weinbach got them. The photos show the Note 20 Ultra in a very pretty Mystic Bronze. We expect Samsung…

What’s new on Disney Plus in July: Hamilton and more

Credit: Adamya Sharma / Android Authority This month, Disney Plus will have perhaps its biggest exclusive release so far for the new service. Yes, it’s almost time for the debut of the stage musical Hamilton. However, that’s not the only content update coming to the service. Here are the highlights…