How to bend waves to arrive at the right place

Under certain circumstances, a wave can split into several paths, reaching some places with high intensity, while avoiding others almost completely. This kind of ‘branched flow’ has first been observed in 2001. Scientists have now developed a method to exploit this effect. The core idea of this new approach is…

Helping the body’s ability to grow bone

For the first time, scientists have been able to study how well synthetic bone grafts stand up to the rigors and ‘strains’ of life, and how quickly they help bone re-grow and repair. Read More

How soft materials react to deformation at molecular level

Before designing the next generation of soft materials, researchers must first understand how they behave during rapidly changing deformation. In a new study, researchers challenged previous assumptions regarding polymer behavior with newly developed laboratory techniques that measure polymer flow at the molecular level. Read More

Non-invasive view into the heart

The non-invasive measurement of blood flow to the heart using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is on par with cardiac catheterization. Read More

More energy needed to cope with climate change

A new study found that by mid-century climate change will increase the demand for energy globally, even with modest warming. Read More

‘Nanoemulsion’ gels offer new way to deliver drugs through the skin

MIT chemical engineers have devised a new way to create nanoemulsions, very tiny droplets of one liquid suspended within another. They also developed a way to easily convert nanoemulsions to a gel when they reach body temperature, which could be useful for developing materials that can deliver medication when rubbed…

Play games with no latency

One of the most challenging issues for game players looks to be resolved soon with the introduction of a zero-latency gaming environment. A team has now developed technology that helps game players maintain zero-latency performance. The new technology transforms the shapes of game design according to the amount of latency.…

Targeting individual atoms

In recent decades, NMR spectroscopy has made it possible to capture the spatial structure of chemical and biochemical molecules. Now researchers have found a way to apply this measurement principle to individual atoms. Read More

Samsung adds a home security camera, light bulb, and Wi-Fi plug to SmartThings lineup

All three products are priced to attract new users to SmartThings, with and without a dedicated hub. Read More

NGDATA enables marketers to design and deliver data-driven, individualised campaigns in minutes, not weeks

Intelligent Engagement Platform unlocks the power of personalisation for every marketer – no data science degree neededLONDON – June 18, 2019 – NGDATA today announces a new platform that transforms marketers’ ability to tailor campaigns to individual consumers, enabling them to set up data-rich, insight-driven customer campaigns in minutes rather…