Verizon 5G phones

While Verizon started rolling out 5G for homes last fall, it plans to bring the next-generation communication tech to its current mobile network with a nationwide rollout this year. But what phones will you be able to use on it? The carrier hasn’t released any specifics on its plans aside…

Don’t panic: Lessons learned from Hawaii false alarm

People did not panic after receiving a false alarm text message about an impending ballistic missile. Instead they looked to others for what to do. Read More

Google Chrome bug used in the wild to collect user data via PDF files

Updated: Google is preparing a patch for late April 2019. Some of the suspicious PDF files exploiting this bug don’t appear to be malicious in nature. Read More

Best turntables 2019: the best record players for any budget

Best Turntables Buying Guide: Welcome to TechRadar’s round-up of the best turntables (also known as record players) you can buy in 2019.  Whether you’ve got lots of old records collecting dust in the attic, or you’re a keen member of the vinyl revival movement, turntables can be a fantastic investment. …

Etsy to offset carbon emissions from shipping its products

Ecommerce company moving to reduce the environmental impact of transporting products sold on its website Read More

Spiking tool improves artificially intelligent devices

The aptly named software package Whetstone enables neural computer networks to process information up to 100 times more efficiently than current standards, making possible an increased use of artificial intelligence in mobile phones, self-driving cars, and image interpretation. Read More

Facial recognition software to identify Civil War soldiers

Photo Sleuth may help uncover the mysteries of nearly 4 million photographs of Civil War-era images. Read More

FTC fines TikTok app $5.7M over alleged privacy violations

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Wednesday levied a $5.7 million fine against media app TikTok over allegations that it illegally collected personal information about children under 13.The multimillion-dollar settlement is… Read More

The best business headphones and earphones in 2019

Welcome to our list of the best business headphones and earphones money can buy in 2019. The picks in this list will help you make and receive calls no matter how noisy the office you’re working in is. We’ve picked these best business headphones and earphones as they have features…

The best scanners of 2019: top picks for duplicating and digitising documents

They may not be in vogue anymore, but if you’re looking for the best scanner to buy in 2019, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, all-in-one printers that offer scanning features offer a worthwhile alternative to standard scanners for home users, but if you work in a business that…