The Samsung Galaxy S20 lands tomorrow – what are the five best alternatives?

That time of the year has rapidly come back around. In the carousel of phone launches each year, Samsung tends to walk the catwalk first, flexing its new designs, specs, features and dear god hopefully not slofies, before anyone else.

However, as phone prices continue to push higher and higher and it gets harder to make considerable changes to each device, it poses the question of whether there any alternatives to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 deals lurking around.

Obviously, while we’ve seen leak after leak to the point of almost knowing the device inside out, we don’t know exactly what the Galaxy S20 is going to be like. It could surprise us and come out exceptionally affordable or even just so good the high price tag doesn’t matter so much (we’re looking at you iPhone 11 Pro).

But if the Galaxy S20 is in your sights and you just want to see your alternative options, we’ve picked out five top mobile phone deals and listed them below. With everything from Apple, through Samsung and even OnePlus, there are plenty of choices.

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