Online classrooms: e-learning apps for your children while schools are shut

Of all the health and economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak so far, one that should not be overlooked is the shut down of schools. You won’t need us to tell you that weeks and months of your little ones’ educations risk being lost, with governments around the world still trying to work out how grades and graduations will be dealt with.

To keep your child learning during the shut down, there is a litany of virtual online classrooms that you can sign up to, so you can ensure they’re still working those little grey cells (and aren’t simply glued to Disney Plus).

These online classrooms are aimed at a range of different ages and subjects. So if your child is still embarking on their first few years of schooling, then the likes of ABCmouse are a fantastic resource. Meanwhile, there are plenty of excellent virtual classrooms for middle schoolers and teenagers, too.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular and best online classrooms and education apps on the web – the perfect solution for school kids that are being forced to keep social distancing.

Try one of these online classrooms for your child

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