Defining decades – how the Razr is the most iconic phone of two decades

When Motorola debuted the Razr v3 in 2004, it quickly rose in popularity amongst users. Here was a clamshell phone that not only sported a super thin profile for mobile phones at the time, but oozed a style and sophistication that made everyone lining up to grab their very own. It was a design built using cutting edge technology.

Fast forward to today Motorola is bringing its iconic phone back and it is once again built using cutting edge technology- a foldable screen. But it’s not just the tech that makes the Razr one of the most loved smartphones in history- it connected with its users. There was something vey satisfying about snapping your phone shut to hang up on a person – or even flip it open to answer a call.

Clamshell phones had been around long before the Razr but the style in which Razr handled this has been unmatched. And while we’ve forgotten clamshells- opting for a slab design, the new Razr will not only reignite that nostalgic feeling amongst those that have used it previously, it will also excite the younger generation through attitude and exclusivity.

While using the new Razr is easy, the technology behind it is far from that. Motorola has been working on foldable display technology for years and wanted to make sure it comes up with a product that not only looks good but it reliable and can sustain daily usage. The screen closes perfectly to create a zero-gap design while the hinge is capable of opening or closing hundreds of thousands of times.

Besides the foldable screen, Motorola has also added an external screen to display the time, notifications as well as shortcuts to let you use the phone or take selfies. This being a Motorola product, all sorts of gestures are also supported for quickly launching the camera or flashlight etc.

There’s no denying that phones have gotten smarter and more powerful, but we’ve sadly lost the charm of being able to – quite literally – fold our phone in half and drop it into our pocket. Which is why it’s the perfect time for the iconic Razr to make a comeback in 2020. This time around you get all the features you’ve come to expect and enjoy in an Android phone, all housed in that truly unforgettable phone design.

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