Don’t panic: Lessons learned from Hawaii false alarm

People did not panic after receiving a false alarm text message about an impending ballistic missile. Instead they looked to others for what to do. Read More

Etsy to offset carbon emissions from shipping its products

Ecommerce company moving to reduce the environmental impact of transporting products sold on its website Read More

Spiking tool improves artificially intelligent devices

The aptly named software package Whetstone enables neural computer networks to process information up to 100 times more efficiently than current standards, making possible an increased use of artificial intelligence in mobile phones, self-driving cars, and image interpretation. Read More

Facial recognition software to identify Civil War soldiers

Photo Sleuth may help uncover the mysteries of nearly 4 million photographs of Civil War-era images. Read More

FTC fines TikTok app $5.7M over alleged privacy violations

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Wednesday levied a $5.7 million fine against media app TikTok over allegations that it illegally collected personal information about children under 13.The multimillion-dollar settlement is… Read More

IBM asked job seekers if they’re “yellow” or “mulatto”

Tech giant removes racially insensitive ethnic categories from online recruitment site after outcry from applicants Read More

Fast, flexible ionic transistors for bioelectronic devices

Researchers have developed the first biocompatible internal-ion-gated organic electrochemical transistor (IGT) that is fast enough to enable real-time signal sensing and stimulation of brain signals. The IGT provides a miniaturized, soft, conformable interface with human skin, using local amplification to record high quality neural signals, suitable for advanced data processing.…

To fight climate change, “talk about it,” climate scientist says

Katharine Hayhoe suggests you step on a carbon footprint scale Read More

‘Universal entangler’ for new quantum tech

One of the key concepts in quantum physics is entanglement, in which two or more quantum systems become so inextricably linked that their collective state can’t be determined by observing each element individually. Now researchers have developed a ”universal entangler” that can link a variety of encoded particles on demand.…

Good news for future tech: Exotic ‘topological’ materials are surprisingly common

Once thought rare, strangely behaving substances called ‘topological materials’ are in fact quite common, a finding that bodes well for their potential use in future electronics. An international team of researchers has assembled an online catalog, based on the periodic table, to make it easy to design new versions of…