What to expect from the 5G revolution

The future of the smartphone has been on display in Barcelona, Spain this week. MWC Barcelona, or the Mobile World Congress, is the biggest smartphone event on the planet. This year, it’s been dominated by an emerging technology that’s expected to usher in a new generation of communications. CNET’s Dan…

SpaceX capsule for astronauts blasts off toward space station

SpaceX Crew Dragon launch: How to watch and what to know

The first privately developed spacecraft designed to ferry U.S. astronauts into orbit aims to blastoff on an unpiloted test flight early Saturday Read More

SpaceX to launch test flight for NASA

America’s space program is counting down to an overnight launch in Florida. It’s a test flight for a privately developed spacecraft that will get the U.S. back in the business of launching astronauts. Mark Strassmann reports. Read More

Facebook sues over sales of fake accounts, likes and followers

The lawsuit was filed against three people and four companies based in China Read More

The periodic table is 150 years old this week

Its creation is a perfect illustration of how science progresses Read More

Giant spider eats opossum in Amazon rainforest

This “dinner plate”-sized tarantula dragged away an opossum for supper — the first time it’s ever been caught on camera Read More

Rare sea creature washes ashore in Southern California

A 7-foot sea creature that washed ashore in Southern California has been identified as a hoodwinker sunfish, a recently identified rare species thought to live in the Southern Hemisphere Read More

Bioluminescence sensors make new approaches to drug discovery possible

Researchers describe the use of 13 molecular tools for measuring different intracellular signaling pathways and evaluating the action mechanisms of new drugs. Read More

What causes that peak? Answering a long-standing question for covalent liquids

Researchers have demonstrated a link between local structural ordering and scattering pattern features for tetrahedral liquids. It is hoped that the findings will lead to facile experimental approaches for characterizing materials for fundamental research as well as for applications such as the production of semiconductor materials. Read More