Harmful Pacific Ocean “blob” made worse by climate change

Ocean heatwaves known as the “blob” are responsible for toxic algae blooms that kill plankton, a key food source for marine life. Experts are concerned a massive blob that formed in the Pacific in 2015 is reforming. Jonathan Vigliotti explains. Read More

Americans would rather drive themselves than have an autonomous vehicle drive them

Are you willing to ride in a driverless car? Researchers studied how Americans’ perceived cost of commute time changes depending on who’s driving. Read More

Researchers build microscopic biohybrid robots propelled by muscles, nerves

Researchers have developed soft robotic devices driven by neuromuscular tissue that triggers when stimulated by light — bringing mechanical engineering one step closer to developing autonomous biobots. Read More

New technology allows fleets to double fishing capacity — and deplete fish stocks faster

Technological advances are allowing commercial fishing fleets to double their fishing power every 35 years and put even more pressure on dwindling fish stocks, new research has found. Read More

Studying climate change under the sea

In our Eye On Earth series, we’re looking ahead to a landmark United Nations Climate Action Summit next week. Mark Phillips goes deep under the Florida Keys to the only undersea science lab in the world where marine biologists can live for weeks at a time, studying the effects of…

Chemists uncover a mechanism behind doping organic semiconductors

Semiconductors — and our mastery of them — have enabled us to develop the technology that underpins our modern society. These devices are responsible for a wide range of electronics, including circuit boards, computer chips and sensors. Read More

Genetically engineered plasmid can be used to fight antimicrobial resistance

Researchers have engineered a plasmid to remove an antibiotic resistance gene from the Enterococcus faecalis bacterium, an accomplishment that could lead to new methods for combating antibiotic resistance. Read More

New sample holder for protein crystallography

A research team has developed a novel sample holder that considerably facilitates the preparation of protein crystals for structural analysis. New research shows how proteins in solution can be crystallized directly onto the new sample holders themselves, then analyzedd using the MX beamlines at BESSY II. A patent has already…

A novel tool to probe fundamental matter

The origin of matter remains a complex and open question. A novel experimental approach could be exploited to better test the theories of physicists. Read More

FCC approves Nexstar-Tribune merger

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday announced it has approved the merger of Nexstar Media Group and Tribune Media Company, green-lighting a deal that would create the largest owner of broadcast TV stations in the U.S. The… Read More