Samsung donated $29m worth of funds and goods to tackle COVID-19

The company has also helped South Korean mask makers increase their production efficiency. Read More

Samsung sees more employees get COVID-19 returning from abroad

Some of its employees who are returning to South Korea from abroad have contracted COVID-19. Read More

Samsung Display to end LCD production

It will end LCD production by the end of the year and focus on QD displays instead. Read More

LG V60, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Moto G8 Power, Google Podcasts (Phones Show Chat #544)

With the retirement of the MoTR podcast, there are opportunities for participating on other shows. This week I joined Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon for an episode of Phones Show Chat. Read More

Samsung is adding some core Galaxy S20 features to the Galaxy S10, Note 10 with global update

It turns out, you don’t have to spend over $1,000 to get some of the S20’s best features. Read More

No brain, no gain: Laptop docks for smartphones fall short

Powered by a smartphone’s processor, storage, and connectivity, laptop docks should be a showcase for desktop environments such as Samsung’s DeX. But the small teams creating them haven’t supported a quality experience. Read More

Samsung applies EUV to DRAM for the first time

With development and customer evaluations complete, Samsung expects to mass-produce EUV-applied DRAM in 2021. Read More

LG V60 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Which big 5G phone is best for your business?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is a big phone that is arguably the most advanced phone available today. LG’s new V60 ThinQ 5G just launched last week and offers direct competition at a price $500 less. Read More

Seven reasons I traded in my Apple iPhone 11 Pro for a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

T-Mobile’s Jump On Demand program lets you switch out phones as frequently as every 30 days and while I tend to use it for annual iPhone upgrades I jumped the gun and gave up my iPhone for a new Samsung phone. The iPhone 11 Pro is an awesome phone, but…

Samsung and LG suspend factories in India over COVID-19 outbreak

The global COVID-19 pandemic is now affecting the tech powerhouses’ supply chain outside of South Korea. Read More