Dirty Sock vulnerability lets attackers gain root access on Linux systems

After Dirty COW caused headaches in 2016, now Linux sysadmins have to worry about Dirty Sock. Read More

Red Hat CloudForms 4.7 released

Red Hat is tightening the integration of its Red Hat CloudForms infrastructure management tool with its Ansible DevOps tools to better manage the hybrid cloud. Read More

Doomsday Docker security hole uncovered

A security vulnerability has been disclosed for a flaw in runc, Docker and Kubernetes’ container runtime, which can be used to attack any host system running containers. Read More

Python programming language’s top uses, tools: Developers reveal their choices

Data analysis overtook web development among Python developers last year. Read More

Red Hat introduces first Kubernetes-native IDE

Containers and Kubernetes are great, but they didn’t have a native integrated development environment… until now. Read More

Recently patched Ubuntu needs another quick patch

Last week’s Ubuntu 18.04 security fixes inadvertently caused problems for some users. Canonical has just released a new patch to fix these regressions. Read More

Security researchers discover new Linux backdoor named SpeakUp

SpeakUp backdoor trojan can run on six different Linux distributions, and even on macOS. Read More

Linux kernel gets another option to disable Spectre mitigations

People want more control over the Spectre mitigations for the sake of performance. Read More

ZaReason Gamerbox 9400: The ultimate Linux gaming PC

Most gamers use consoles or high-end Windows PCs, but for Linux gamers, there’s now a powerhouse contender to rival these proprietary computers: The ZaReason Gamerbox 9400. Read More

System76 prepping updated Darter Pro Linux laptop

The forthcoming notebook will ship with eighth-generation Core processors and either Ubuntu or the company’s own Pop!_OS. Read More