South Korea’s government explores move from Windows to Linux desktop

In what may prove to be the biggest migration from Windows to the Linux desktop, the South Korean government is looking into shifting from Windows 7 to a trio of Linux desktops. Read More

Revived Windows 95 PowerToys lets you create Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft PowerToys developers say the new keyboard manager will help Linux- and Mac-to-Windows switchers. Read More

Microsoft VS Code 1.42 is out: New debug tools for TypeScript, JavaScript, Chrome

Microsoft delivers new improvements and fixes for its popular cross-platform code editor, Visual Studio Code. Read More

Major Japanese hardware vendor joins Open Invention Network

Usually, it’s Linux and open-source companies which join the Linux patent consortium Open Invention Network. Now, Japanese hardware firm Taiyo Yuden, realizing technology’s future lies with open source, has joined too. Read More

VPNs will change forever with the arrival of WireGuard into Linux

This new, long-awaited technology will change how virtual private networks work first in Linux and then the rest of the VPN world. Read More

RCE in OpenSMTPD library impacts BSD and Linux distros

Vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2020-7247, can be exploited remotely over the internet. Read More

Microsoft urged: Open-source Windows 7 to ‘undo past wrongs’

Group of free software advocates calls on Microsoft to release Windows 7 under a free software license. Read More

CircleCI automates Continuous Delivery to multiple clouds

Today’s companies use CI/CD to speedily deploy software updates, but that last step, from your pipeline to a cloud service, can be tricky. CircleCI has an answer. Read More

Canonical announces high-performance Android services on the cloud

Building on top of Ubuntu on the cloud, Canonical is making it possible to run demanding Android apps from the cloud with the Anbox Cloud. Read More

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 beta arrives

This minor Red Hat Linux release includes some nice features for both programmers and system administrators. Read More