Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 arrives

The new Red Hat Ceph Storage can handle petabytes of data for all your enterprise cloud and datacenter storage needs. Read More

Amazon: Linux-based Bottlerocket is our new OS for hosting containers in the cloud

Open-source Bottlerocket from AWS aims to break the bottleneck of installing package updates on containerized apps. Read More

VS Code gets a big update: Plays nice with macOS Gatekeeper plus lots of new features

Microsoft’s cross-platform code editor, Visual Studio Code, gains a host of productivity and usability improvements. Read More

Google: Linux systems can use this new tool against USB keystroke injection attacks

Google’s open-source tool makes USB keystroke injections harder but it’s no silver bullet. Read More

Linux and open-source conferences: List of what’s canceled or going virtual

You can safely assume that, if you’d planned on going to a Linux or open-source conference anytime soon, it’s been canceled or made virtual. Read More

AI comes to the Edge with SolidRun and Gyrfalcon’s AI inference server

Need AI smarts on the edge? SolidRun and Gyrfalcon have a Linux-powered ARM-based AI server for you: The Janux GS31. Read More

Microsoft previews Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux

Believe it or not, Microsoft is readying its Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Linux servers. Yes, you read that right: Linux servers. Read More

Linux now joins Android on Planet’s little Cosmo Communicator computer-phone

Owners of the Cosmo Communicator are no longer restricted to Android on the mobile with a slide-out keyboard. Read More

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere, its Linux-based microcontroller plus cloud service, hits general availability

Microsoft is making its Azure Sphere secure IoT service generally available after several years of testing and previews. Read More

GitHub: We won’t take down any of your content unless we really have to

Microsoft’s open-source code-sharing platform’s latest report places freedom of expression above all else. Read More