CircleCI automates Continuous Delivery to multiple clouds

Today’s companies use CI/CD to speedily deploy software updates, but that last step, from your pipeline to a cloud service, can be tricky. CircleCI has an answer. Read More

Canonical announces high-performance Android services on the cloud

Building on top of Ubuntu on the cloud, Canonical is making it possible to run demanding Android apps from the cloud with the Anbox Cloud. Read More

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 beta arrives

This minor Red Hat Linux release includes some nice features for both programmers and system administrators. Read More

Wine for running Windows 10 apps on Linux gets big upgrade

Linux-Windows compatibility layer Wine 5.0 is now out, with over 7,000 updates. Read More

Nextcloud Hub takes on Google Docs and Office 365

Best known as a do-it-yourself cloud storage service, Nextcloud challenges SaaS vendors with launch of Hub. Read More

This Linux smartphone is now shipping for $150

Pine64’s open source PinePhone runs Linux and is designed for developers and early-adopters. Read More

Kubuntu Focus: A new top-of-the-line Linux laptop arrives

The KDE-empowered version of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, now has a high-powered laptop to call its own: The Kubuntu Focus. Read More

Microsoft: Application Inspector is now open source, so use it to test code security

Microsoft offers up the security tool it uses to probe untrusted third-party software components in its applications. Read More

Windows 10 users: Google reveals when it’s killing off Chrome apps

Google to end support for Chrome apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux this year to push ahead with web apps. Read More

Wind River acquires Star Lab to improve its Linux security

The well-known embedded Linux company Wind River is beefing up its security as its devices face an increasingly networked world. Read More