First new Docker release under Mirantis appears

Docker, the company, couldn’t make a go of it, but Docker Enterprise, under its new owner Mirantis, is moving forward. Read More

New Raspberry Pi 4: 8GB RAM model out now for $75 – plus you get a new 64-bit OS

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You can build Linus Torvalds’ PC: Here’s all the hardware and where to buy it

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Look what’s inside Linus Torvalds’ latest Linux development PC

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GNOME gets big open-source patent win

GNOME, the popular Linux desktop, didn’t just avoid paying a patent troll, it won the right for any product under an Open Source Initiative license to use code covered by the company’s patents. Read More

Check Point released an open-source fix for common Linux memory corruption security hole

For years, there’s been a security problem with how the GNU C Library dealt with single-linked-lists. Now, Check Point has released a patch, which will fix the problem once and for all. Read More

Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager: This command-line tool can install all your apps

Microsoft releases open-source Windows Package Manager in preview, but Microsoft Store isn’t going anywhere. Read More

Windows Terminal 1.0 is out: Here’s how we’ll update it in future, says Microsoft

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Microsoft: Linux GUI apps coming to Windows 10 WSL along with GPU access

Microsoft also wants its DirectX-based Linux GPU kernel driver upstreamed to the Linux kernel, but there’s resistance. Read More

SUSE: The time for major tech change is now

Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Linux and cloud company SUSE found in a survey that tech leaders were planning on dumping the old for new in their technology stacks. Read More