Duelling ghosts battle over encryption laws in a dying Parliament

After just two hours of debate, Australia’s encryption law amendments are now stalled in the Senate until April. Only one key amendment was passed, but both government and opposition can claim a win. Read More

Can Amazon, Facebook, Google be tamed by being forced to share their data?

A major German party thinks mandatory data-sharing with rivals and the public can rein in Big Tech. Read More

Ex-Apple lawyer in charge of stopping insider trading charged with insider trading

Exec told workers not to trade Apple shares using inside information and then did it himself, says the SEC. Read More

AT&T adds Chicago and Minneapolis to 5G rollout

In the midst of a lawsuit filed by rival carrier Sprint over whether AT&T’s 5G is really 5G, the latter has added two more cities to its 2019 rollout plan. Read More

Cryptocurrency exchange Byte Power cops AU$33k fine from ASIC

The corporate watchdog alleges that Byte Power failed to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations. Read More

No, you can’t take open-source code back

A popular note on the Linux Kernel Mailing List claims that a program’s author can block people from using his code at his discretion. Wrong. Read More

US government warns allies about Huawei again

The US has told Hungary that America finds it ‘more difficult’ to partner with nations that have Huawei equipment deployed. Read More