Samsung boss faces arrest again

This time it’s for breaking local capital market laws, including accounting fraud and stock manipulation, in the merger of two key company affiliates. Read More

Zoom security: Here’s how Germany got its wires crossed over video-chat privacy

Germany is notoriously picky about digital privacy, but official warnings over video meetings have just sown confusion. Read More

Commonwealth to move public prosecution evidence management into the cloud

The SaaS platform will be used for complex criminal prosecutions. Read More

Google faces class action for allegedly tracking private browsing activity

The lawsuit claims that Google still tracks and collects users’ personal information even when they are browsing the internet in private browsing mode. Read More

ACLU sues Clearview AI claiming the company’s tech crosses ethical bounds

The American Civil Liberties Union has accused Clearview AI’s biometric platform of creating a nightmare scenario that many have long feared. Read More

Deliveroo faces another legal action over an alleged unfair dismissal of deliver rider

The Australian food delivery rider had worked with Deliveroo for three years before his contract was terminated. Read More

Forescout files lawsuit against Advent for withdrawal of merger plans due to COVID-19

Advent says the pandemic has resulted in “material” changes at Forescout. The company disagrees. Read More

New Zealand introduces Bill to block violent extremist content

It would make the livestreaming of objectionable content a criminal offence, censorship calls would be made immediately, and take-down notices would be backed by law. Read More

Facebook to pay $52 million to former content moderators who suffered mental trauma

The settlement acknowledges that contractors were not protected from the violent content they were required to moderate. Read More

Google vs. Oracle: The next chapter

Google and Oracle’s Supreme Court case, which will determine billions of dollars of revenue and software programming’s future, has been delayed. And it may finally be decided on issues having nothing to with API copyrights. Read More