Clampdown on US border device searches not such a big deal

Alasaad v. Mcaleenan acknowledges the intrusiveness of digital searches, but it’s only about “contraband” and falls short of requiring a warrant. It’s time for SCOTUS and Congress to dig deeper, say experts. Read More

Google labels ACCC’s location data privacy claims as ‘out of context’

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Google’s plan to collect health data on millions of Americans faces federal inquiry

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US Court rules travellers’ phones and laptops cannot be searched arbitrarily

Any searches conducted at the US border without reasonable suspicion will now be a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Read More

Microsoft to represent DACA recipients in Supreme Court trial to keep program alive

The company has over 60 employees that are recipients of DACA permits, which allow them to stay in the country despite not being US citizens. Read More

LG sues TCL in Germany over LTE patents

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ACCC to appeal court loss to TPG over misleading consumer allegations

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Windows tech support scam: Attackers use this Firefox bug to lock up your screen

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AT&T to pay $60 million to resolve FTC allegations it ‘throttled’ smartphone plans

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Cloudflare: Here’s how we defeated a law firm trolling us over a $1 tech patent

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