Motorola Solutions wins $765m theft and copyright lawsuit against Hytera

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Samsung board Chairman Lee Sang-hoon resigns following jail sentence

Lee Sang-hoon is serving time for violating labor union laws. Read More

TPG and Vodafone merger approved by Federal Court

After three weeks of evidence and four months of consideration, Justice Middleton has ruled that the proposed merger between Vodafone and TPG can proceed. Read More

Services Australia ‘legal privilege’ robo-debt claim refused by Senate committee

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Amazon demands Trump testify about the JEDI contract

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Huawei takes Verizon to court for alleged patent infringement

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Irish watchdog launches Google, Tinder GDPR data processing probe

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Data Windows 10 1909 sends to Microsoft can be totally shut off, but doing so is risky

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Apple’s defense of iPhone Lightning fails: Standard charger law due by summer 2020

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Robocall block: Now US wants to fine man $12.9m for making ‘harmful’ robocalls

The man made thousands of calls to US households in the hope of boosting the profile of his podcast. Read More