Woolies hit with AU$1 million spamming fine

ACMA issues its largest fine over five million breaches to a company that made AU$16.5 billion in sales last quarter. Read More

Federal government thinks AI for separating couples is a good idea

The service aims to help couples work out how their assets should be divided and how to record those agreements. Read More

Facebook Inc says it does not have contractual relationship with Australian users

It said only Facebook Ireland carried on business in Australia when local users’ data were collected as part of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Read More

Apple to App Store developers: Here’s how you can now challenge our decisions

Facing scrutiny by European competition regulators, Apple now lets developers challenge its App Store guidelines. Read More

Vocus ISPs Dodo and iPrimus taken to court by ACCC over NBN speed claims

NBN broadband speed claims during busy hour periods land retailers in Federal Court. Read More

Apple approves Hey e-mail app, but the fight’s not over yet

The Hey e-mail app is finally on Apple’s App Store. but it’s barely functional. Meanwhile, the app’s’ creator, Basecamp, is far from done fighting with Apple. Read More

Was Microsoft in the 1990s really better than Apple in the 2020s?

Commentary: Microsoft had an aggressive monopoly on both the PC operating system and web browsers in the ’90s. Apple, while no bit player, owns only 13.7% of the global smartphone market. Still, Cupertino’s tactics sure ring a bell. Read More

Arrest warrant for Samsung boss and executives rejected by District Court

The Samsung heir and two executives will now stand trial as free men for the financial fraud charges. Read More

Sony fined AU$3.5 million for misleading customers about digital refunds

The ACCC said the company falsely claimed to consumers that they were not entitled to refunds for faulty games. Read More

To Zoom or not to Zoom? Virtual parliament continues – at least for some

The UK’s experiment with a virtual parliament has not quite come to an end, yet. Read More