Apple Music might be coming to Google Home speakers

As Apple continues to push its services, Apple Music is expanding to Google’s smart speakers. Read More

Amazon Echo and Google Home should be able to snitch on owners, says professor

Marija Slavkovik at the University of Bergen, Norway wonders whether your digital assistant needs a moral, ethical dimension. But of course. Read More

Google: You’ll see Google Assistant button on 100 million new Android phones in 2019

LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, TCL, and Vivo sign up for Google’s Assistant button. Read More

Samsung Unpacked 2019, Huawei Mate X, and Chrome tips (MobileTechRoundup show #461)

Matt attended the Unpacked event and spent the first half of the show talking about the latest from Samsung. MWC is just kicking off so we also have some news from the first announcements. Read More

UAG Monarch Galaxy S10 Plus hands-on: The best UAG case for Samsung’s latest flagship

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S10 Plus last week and for the last few days I’ve been using the best UAG case with the new phone. The Crimson one is gorgeous with a vivid color, leather accents, and solid corner protection. Read More

Google opens first developer hub in Singapore

Internet giant unveils a physical space, occupying 7,200 square feet within its Singapore office, that it says offers various resources for developers from Southeast Asia, including hands-on mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to Google technologies. Read More

How to save your Google+ account data

You don’t have to lose your Google+ data. Just follow these simple steps. Read More

Windows, dual-screen devices and shells: Piecing together Microsoft’s Chromebook-compete strategy

It’s Microsoft codename-apalooza time. How do Lite, Centaurus, Pegasus, WCOS and now, Santorini, all fit into what seems to be Microsoft’s evolving Chromebook-compete strategy? Read on. Read More