Google Cloud rolls out platform for network visibility and management

Google’s Network Intelligence Center aims to offer comprehensive network monitoring across public clouds and on-premise data centers. Read More

Google wants to call out slow sites with Chrome badging

Amorphous plans have one goal — to label slow sites in Google’s browser. Read More

Google forges cloud, data deal with major US health organization

The WSJ reports that the partnership gives Google access to health data including lab results, diagnoses and hospitalization records, as well as names and dates of birth, without informing patients. Read More

Google’s new app lets you share the pleasure and the pain of your daily commute

Pigeon Transit, which was born in Google’s Area 120, lets commuters exchange real-time information about delays, power outages and even live entertainment. Read More

The quantum supremacy enigma: Can Google’s claim withstand scrutiny?

In October, Google claimed its quantum computing chip became capable of processing a task that, for an ordinary supercomputer, would be virtually impossible. Google should have expected IBM to take that as a challenge. Read More

Android ecosystem is not ready for adolescent Pixel 4

The latest Pixel phone is going through changes. Read More

Totallee thin cases for the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro: Attractive minimalist cases protect from scratches

It seems just about everyone uses a case on their phone today, but sometimes you don’t want to be bothered by the bulk, Totallee makes some of the thinnest minimalist cases today and recently launched new colors for the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro. Read More

Pixel 3 sales by the numbers: Google’s flagship phone was a flop

Google spends a lot of money marketing and advertising its flagship Pixel devices, but do those flashy ads translate into sales? Not according to the company’s annual financial reports, which show that it may well have sold fewer than 10 million devices in the last year. Read More

Programming languages: Python overtakes Java on GitHub as Google Dart use soars

Developers love Python, Microsoft’s GitHub says, also revealing the site’s biggest open-source projects. Read More

Developer jobs: Google’s tool to help you ace interviews just got better

Google Area 120’s Byteboard interview platform now caters to front-end, mobile, and web developers. Read More