Google warns G Suite users: Update these mobile apps now or they may stop working

Google urges users to update multiple Google apps on iOS and Android now to avoid disrupted workflows. Read More

New EvilQuest ransomware discovered targeting macOS users

EvilQuest ransomware encrypts macOS systems but also installs a keylogger and a reverse shell for full control over infected hosts. Read More

WWDC 2020 highlights: Gartner analyst discusses App Clips, privacy, and more

Gartner’s Tuong Nguyen weighs in on Apple’s announcements at WWDC 2020, virtual conferences, and augmented reality. Read More

Announcing the 2020 Apple Design Awards

The Apple Design Awards celebrate innovation, ingenuity, design excellence, and outstanding technical achievement. A WWDC tradition, the ADAs highlight those who take thoughtful and creative approaches to their apps and games, giving people new ways to work, play, or imagine things that were never before possible. “We’ve been awarding great…

iPhone 12: Here’s why Apple may not include a power adapter or earbuds

Apple will also reportedly stop making the 5W and 18W chargers in favor of a new 20W charger that’s sold separately. Read More

Apple honors eight developers with annual Apple Design Awards

Winners are recognized for outstanding app design, innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement<br/><br/>Peter Nguyen,Apple,[email protected] ,(669) 276-2520<br/>Apple Media Helpline,[email protected],(408) 974-2042<br/> Read More

Contact-tracing: France snubs Apple and Google but its StopCovid app still underwhelms

The country has launched a contact-tracing app without the help of Apple or Google. An impressive feat, but with limited results so far. Read More

Apple declined to implement 16 Web APIs in Safari due to privacy concerns

Apple said these 16 new Web APIs add new user fingerprinting opportunities for online advertisers. Read More

Apple strong-arms entire CA industry into one-year certificate lifespans

Apple, Google, and Mozilla reduce the lifespan for HTTPS certificates to 398 days, against the wishes of Certificate Authorities. Read More

Apple’s WWDC 2020 roundup: What developers and business pros need to know

Karen Roby interviews IT consultant and TechRepublic contributing writer Erik Eckel about his take on the news announced at Apple’s WWDC 2020, including iOS 14, Apple Silicon, macOS Big Sur, and more. Read More