Apple is now the people’s company, Samsung is for elitists

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Strava launches Healthkit, supports native Apple Workout syncing

The native Workout app on the Apple Watch is very capable, but it is also a service that is locked into the Apple ecosystem. Today’s launch of Strava Healthkit means you can use the Workout app and then have all of your captured data synced automatically to the Strava network…

Swift Playgrounds Now Available on Mac

Now you can learn and explore coding using Swift Playgrounds on Mac. Take advantage of the same great experimenting environment from iPad, updated with a unique Mac experience that includes a new sidebar, Touch Bar support, and code suggestions that provide additional help. You can even use the same playground file on…

Apple joins FIDO Alliance, commits to getting rid of passwords

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FTC plans to probe major tech firms’ acquisition strategies

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Mous Limitless 3.0 with Aramid Fiber

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Mous Limitless 3.0: An iPhone case with a nifty hidden feature

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How to use Multipass, a new tool for launching virtual machines

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